Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Classical Harmonica - What does it mean ?

It means a player to play classical music by the use of a chromatic harmonica. Chromatic harmonica has the capability and versatility , same as other musical instruments, to play music using chromatic notes when requires. The arrangement of a chromatic harmonica is similar to a piano in keys . Depending on the types of chromatic harmonica, its range may excess 4 octaves in scales. It was invented about 80 years ago and is considered a young member in the family of musical instruments. The sound of a chromatic harmonica is beautiful and attractive, and is full of expression. Recognizing its potentials , noted modern composers, such as Vaughan Williams, Arthur Benjamin, Francis Chagrin etc, have composed works for this instrument, some with symphony accompaniments. Instrumental music for the flute, clarinet, oboe and recorders from old masters such as Bach, Handel, Haydn, are very suitable to be played by a chromatic harmonica. Some works for the violin may also be played without losing their charms and beauties. In my website, , sample music for various instruments can be listened , as vivid demonstrations.


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I am not a classical harmonica player. Generally I use the chromatic for standards or to play horn lines with a sax player I play with sometimes. I did once take on a very challenging classical harmonica part in a piece called "Apparitions" by Phyllis Tate, an English composer and (I believe) Douglas Tate's wife. I tell the story in my new book, How to Play the Harmonica: and Other Life Lessons. Visit:

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